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One Way Bat Door

Install a one way bat door to exclude pre-existing bats. 

Attic Clean Up

Remove bat guano, damaged insulation and decontaminate attic. 


Seal all potential entry points to keep bats out.  


Inspect your home to identify your bat problem.





Our technicians are certified bat removal specialists. We get rid of bats from attics, homes, and commercial buildings. This is our specialize services. We help homeowners solver their bat problems daily. 

If you need assistance in getting rid of bats from your Michigan home we can help. Contact us today and get a free online price quote. We offer the best bat removal service and the most competitive prices. 

Live Bat Exclusion

We are the leader and specialists in the bat control industry. Our Michigan Bat Specialists can solve any bat problem small to large. We can get rid of any colony of bats living in a residential home or commercial building. 

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Bat Removal

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